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0003362ardourbugspublic2010-07-26 06:06
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Product Version2.8.11 
Summary0003362: Feedback Parameters not sent properly on bank change w/bcf2000 in Mackie mode
DescriptionUsing a multitrack setup of over 7 tracks, when bank is changed on the bcf2000 feedback is sent to the mixer sporadically if at all. Sometimes a single fader or three will respond properly between 2 banks, but exactly which tracks are affected appears to be random.

Feedback is otherwise functioning properly (with automation, opening saved sessions, etc)
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2010-07-26 06:06

reporter   ~0008650

Gotta be in in the switch_bank func. It's somehow "randomly" losing the associations there.

Also, note that individual faders get re-associated properly if they are moved after a bank switch (causing the levels to jump because they aren't in sync yet.)

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