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0003361features2012-10-17 22:29
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Summary0003361: adopt same keybindings to set grid size/midi note length as LMMS
DescriptionWhen step editing or manually (by mouse) editing MIDI it would be nice to have keyboard shortcuts to quickly set the grid/MIDI note size. I would suggest we standardise on those used already by LMMS which is the following.

CTRL+0 = One whole note aka semibreve

CTRL+1 = 1/2 note aka minim aka half note

CTRL+2 = 1/4 note aka crotchet

CTRL+3 = 1/8

CTRL+4 = 1/16

CTRL+5 = 1/32

CTRL+6 = 1/3

CTRL+7 = 1/6

CTRL+8 = 1/12

CTRL+9 = Insert note of same length as previous

I have tried CTRL+[0-9] when editing MIDI under the current A3 and those key combos don't seem to be used currently.
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2010-07-25 19:23

administrator   ~0008636

why lmms and not logic? see :


2010-07-25 19:37

reporter   ~0008639

Last edited: 2010-07-25 19:40

I've never really used Logic but I suggested using LMMS's keyboard shortcut because its a free sequencer that has sensible shortcuts for setting note length.

I've looked at that link and it makes no mention of if it has default keyboard shortcuts for setting the next note insert length- maybe you have to click on the note length value?

ATM to do this you click on the grid unit selector, search for the value you want then select it. The Logic way really isn't that much better- just you have a graphical representation of the note length which actually only helps to those who can read music. If the notes were always on display on the editor window, it would be more a efficient way to work but that would hog a lot of room? Maybe introduce a note pallete drawing window like logic has then but I still think keyboard shortcuts like those above would be useful.

If Logic has better (more easily remembered or logical) keyboard shortcuts for quickly setting the note lengths than those used by LMMS then by all means we should adopt their conventions instead, but what are they?


2010-11-28 22:03

reporter   ~0009531

We may just be able to get away with a key combo that is equivalent to left clicking within the grid size drop-down as once you have that open you can use UP, DOWN and ENTER to choose the size of the next note to be entered.


2011-01-01 21:17

reporter   ~0009778

You can resolve this as it occurred to me today that we can do this already by assigning shortcuts to the relevant snap values although I think it would be nice to have some defaults in place for this like the ones mentioned above.


2011-01-02 13:12

administrator   ~0009784

How does LMMS define a whole note in non-4/4 time signatures?


2011-01-02 14:59

reporter   ~0009787

Wouldn't worry about that really C, if we're using the same default shortcuts then just bind CTRL+0 to the bar grid setting please.

I'll let you decide if we have a CTRL+9 or not and what it should do. 1/24 notes aren't going to get used much by most but that would seem a logical alternative.


2011-01-02 15:00

administrator   ~0009788

How about half notes, then? :)


2011-01-02 15:02

reporter   ~0009789

Thats CTRL+1 innit?


2011-01-02 15:07

administrator   ~0009790

Are they two beats no matter what the time signature?


2011-01-02 15:41

reporter   ~0009791

Good point - we don't actually have such a grid size atm it seems. It would be nice but otherwise it does still make sense to have CTRL+1 as half a beat, ctrl+2 as quarter of a beat etc.


2011-01-02 15:43

reporter   ~0009792

As a result, CTRL+0 should prob be 1 beat and CTRL+9 a bar.


2011-01-02 16:17

administrator   ~0009793

There's generally quite a difference between these settings (in terms of fractions of bars) and the current Ardour grid settings (which are in terms of beats). I suppose it is musically sensible to say that a 1/4 note is always a beat, regardless of bar size, but what is a 1/3rd of a bar? Do we want grid settings that are dependent on the time signature that is in effect at any given point?


2011-01-04 13:06

reporter   ~0009819

When I originally posted this suggestion for default grid size shortcuts I obviously neglected to check if these sizes existed in A3 first. I've since noticed they don't but as I've already said these settings transpose nicely to being used as per beat rather than per bar divisions which is all we have atm 'cept for full bar of course. Its a good way to order the shortcuts having 0 for a whole beat then 9 for a whole bar.

Having grid sizes for fractions of bars would be nice but not as essential as having the divisions of beats quickly available is more important IMO as I've got no problem with just switching to the beat division setting then dragging a note out of the required length when doing a half bar note or whatever.


2011-01-04 21:57

reporter   ~0009827

If half and quarter bar grid sizes etc. do get implemented it would be pretty obvious I suppose that we should drop CTRL+9 for full bar and instead have SHIFT+CTRL+0 for full bar, SHIFT+CTRL+1 for a half bar note etc.

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