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0000334ardourfeaturespublic2010-07-22 14:18
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Target Version3.X 
Summary0000334: Track segment name.
DescriptionNice to have:
Repeat the segment name on the bottom right when segment length on display (or zoom level) allows it. This helps avoiding errors when editing.
Additional Information ardour: CTK 0.453.1 libardour 0.728.1
jack 0.2.5 / build Keb 16 2004 / jackd 0.94.0
Redhat 9 / Gnome
kernel: alsa-kernel-2.4.24-1.ll.rh90.ccrma
processor: AMD Atlon 850MHz
main board: DFI AK74-EC
disk: HD1 = 40GO / HD2 = 120 GO
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related to 0002676 new Region names should be drawn at the region start or as far left on the canvas as is visible. 



2004-03-18 04:13

administrator   ~0000556

some of the developers discussed this very idea earlier this week. it would be a nice idea, but i suspect it will not make it into v1.0. we'll see. since your report is filed before the feature freeze, it may.

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