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0003277ardourfeaturespublic2015-10-27 10:49
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Summary0003277: Support arbitrary region grouping
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2015-10-24 06:28

reporter   ~0017511

Hrrm... I just realised that "combine" kind of already does this, but not in a way that makes it easy to edit the layout of the contained regions - e.g to shift a region a little bit, you have to uncombine, shift, then re-combine. I'm not sure if it even makes sense to allow something like that, but if it did, it might make sense to do something similar to MIDI draw mode, where if the mode is on, then only regions within the combined region are editable.

@cth103 - what were you meaning with this issue's


2015-10-26 09:56

administrator   ~0017514

@naught101: I'm afraid I cannot remember :\ you should probably modify it to describe exactly what you are after.


2015-10-26 10:45

reporter   ~0017515

The things that I can see at the moment that "combine" doesn't do that would make it better:

1. Display the combined sub-regions (so the "combined" group looks more like a group)
2. Allow the combined region to be expanded. This is useful if you've got a bar of clips taken from longer clips, and they sit inside the bar, without touching the ends of the bar. If the combined clip could then be extended to the end of the bar, it would be useful for aligning it with grid-based snapping.
3. Temporarily disabling a combine, or enter the group, or somehow being able to edit the sub-regions (e.g. to change the gain on one clip etc.).


2015-10-27 09:42

reporter   ~0017526

Something like 0005772?


2015-10-27 10:49

reporter   ~0017527

heh, yep. Been a while since I used Ardour :)

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