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0003264ardourfeaturespublic2011-07-26 14:35
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Summary0003264: Folder tracks
DescriptionAllow tracks to be put into folders (which are themselves tracks, sort of). Allow VCA-style gain automation tracks contained within a folder.
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2011-07-26 14:35

reporter   ~0011223

They should be thinked with track groups in mind. They would differ from groups in that the don't necessarily share functionality like muting/soloing.

This folders will only serve to keep things tidy graphically. They will be either closed, where you can only see a strip with the folder name, or open, so you can see all track in it.

This idea can be used in the main window and the mixer window as well.

When I use external MIDI synths, I use a MIDI track to drive it, a bus to get the sound into the mix and an audio track to save the result. I would pack the three tracks in a folder track, but group only the midi track and the bus for muting/soloing/activating.

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