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0003151ardourbugspublic2013-03-17 14:59
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Product Version2.8.7 
Summary0003151: Import Multiple Audio Files crashes Ardour
DescriptionCreate new 48kHz session in Ardour. No audio tracks, just master.
Select import audio.
Option 'import as regions or to individual tracks'
Select multiple 44.1kHz audio files (Left click on top file, hold 'shift' key, left click on bottom file).
Left Click on 'OK' or 'Apply'.
Ardour starts processing the files sequentially.
Then either, the progress window freezes and Ardour needs to be shut down;
or Ardour just vanishes completely.
Additional InformationI am running Ubuntu Studio 10.04 64bit edition

I have a Pentium Core 2 Duo Processor and 4GB Ram.

This problem also occurred in the packaged version of Ardour, 2.8.6

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2013-03-17 14:59

reporter   ~0014732

I'm unable to reproduce this using Ardour 3.0 from git (ardour.git version: 3.0-38-g25a7748). Can you test with an up-to-date version, either 2.8.12+ or 3.0 and advise if you're still experiencing problems?

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