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0003114ardourbugspublic2010-05-10 13:23
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Product Version2.8.6 
Summary0003114: Audio clip whenever transport hits region bounds/splits or stops


I'm experiencing this issue that's driving me crazy. Though I get no xruns at all, whenever I do region editing with splits and/or resizing I experience audio clips and pops whenever the transport passes the regions bounds/splits. They are audible also in exported audio. Also, my card is an Edirol UA-25 usb, works flawlessly in everything else, also used to work flawlessly in Ardour before I noticed this issue. It makes all of my work useless!

I'm on Ubuntu 10.04 with rt kernel jack and limits ect. all configured.

I'm pretty sure this did not happen in Ubuntu 9.10. Could it be something related to the ext4 changes in Lucid? I tried many kernels with no success:,, Also, the bug happens even with my integrated laptop card. So I guess it is not related to the Edirol usb card. Another guess: I remember that at some point I changed the sample rate in ardour from 32bit-floating to 24bit, and used that project as a template for all of the other projects I did. Maybe it's nothing, I'm just trying to give you as many information as I can.

Thanks a lot in advance I'm going crazy,

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2010-05-08 20:37

administrator   ~0007833

Do the clicks only happen at the boundaries of regions which overlap other regions? Or at all region boundaries? Can you attach a (short) exported WAV file which shows the problem?


2010-05-08 23:41

administrator   ~0007836

Please also go to Options->Denormals and turn on each of the 3 options in turn and see if any of them help.


2010-05-10 13:23

reporter   ~0007868

Last edited: 2010-05-10 13:24

I figured out that the pops only happened in regions that I strechted/shrinked, I did not notice that in the beginning because that particular project I'm working on has lots of shrinks/stretches on some regions. I know that a streched region might not match with the region that comes after, but what I hear sounds more like a pop/clip than simple unmatching audio waves, if you know what I mean (don't know how to explain this better). It looks like that automated fading is somehow not happening with stretched regions.

I will attach a wave asap (tomorrow I think).

@ paul

donormals handling is already active. I'll try the switching anyway and update.

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