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0003082ardourfeaturespublic2010-04-24 13:01
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Product Version2.8 
Summary0003082: Union model for the magnetic snap/grid mode
DescriptionIn Ardour 2.8.6, the magnetic snap/grid mode allows only an exclusive choice in terms of what to snap to, e.g. region starts, *or* region ends, *or* region boundaries, *or* location markers, etc.

In many situations, a mixture of some of these would be useful. Personally, I would find a "snap to region boundaries *and* markers" mode useful.

I guess this boils down to two possible solutions:

1) adding "mixed" mides, like the one above, to the list (straightforward, but which modes are justified and which not?)

2) provide toggles for each property to allow the user to mix and match (more complex GUI change, but maybe more elegant solution?)
Additional InformationThis feature request was filed after las suggested to do so on IRC on April 23 2010.
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2010-04-24 13:01

reporter   ~0007527

Ok, I just came across the classic use case where a unified snap model would make sense:

I have a region with marker A at its end, both of which I need to bring forward so that the start of the region matches marker B. So first I bring forward the region, then marker A.

In a unified snap model, this requires two mouse-dragging operations. In the current model, it requires changing the snap model in between from "marks" to "region ends", for example.

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