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0003076ardourbugspublic2010-04-24 10:29
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Product Version2.8.2 
Summary0003076: Graphical Interface becomes unusable
DescriptionOS = Ubuntu 9.10.
After installing ardour, I run it, but the window is too large to fit entirely on my screen; there is some of the interface missing on the right side. So, I click the maximize button to fit it to the entire screen. After clicking the maximize button, the window shifts slightly and from this point, any click inside the window causes the entire interface inside the window to shift to the left or to the right alternatively, so that the portion of the screen not showing is now shown, and the other side is now unable to be seen. So, clicking on any button causes the button and the rest of the interface to move away. Generally the button clicked will still function, but the entire interface jumping every time I click makes the interface almost unusable. Also, the minimize, maximize, close buttons at the top of the window become unresponsive. One time I was able to minimize the window by rapidly clicking around the minimize button, but that's clearly a bug, possibly in GTK+ itself, but I've not had this problem elsewhere.


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related to 0002950 closedseablade ardour doesn't fit screen (gnome 1024*768) 



2010-04-22 04:02

reporter   ~0007516

Found same bug reported by 2 other users.
bug id's = 0002911, 0002950.

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