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0003068ardourfeaturespublic2020-04-19 20:14
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Summary0003068: Build in Software instrument support/soundfont support for MIDI playback without having to patch into a DSSI synth just
DescriptionThere really needs to be built in software instrument/soundfont support in Ardour3 for MIDI playback without having to patch into an external DSSI synth just for audio playback. What is the point of having build in MIDI roll and recording ability if we don't have a way to play back audio from it (in the DAW)? It makes the MIDI feature (which has been a BIG focus of Ardour3) incomplete, and not usable without patching in an external synth (which I feel is very inconvenient when re-opening big projects that are midi based). Any chance this can be built into ardour3, or is it already being worked on?
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2010-07-21 15:40

administrator   ~0008536

VSTi and LV2 instruments are now supported in A3.


2010-07-24 14:35

reporter   ~0008625

How does it effectively work?
I managed to create a MIDI track, add the audio output ports, connect them to the main output, and load a synth (tried with several Calf LV2 synths).
Everything loads fine, but there is no sound.


2010-07-24 19:36

administrator   ~0008627

If you load a synth to a new midi track it should get audio ports automatically. You'll need to connect them up to something. If you want to play the synth in real-time you will need to enable "ardour does monitoring" in the prefs and possibly rec-enable the MIDI track (I think).


2010-07-27 16:08

reporter   ~0008668

Great, I figured it out and donated.
Anyway, automatically created MIDI track audio outs does not connect automatically to master inputs. Is it an intended feature or is it a bug?
I am asking it before eventually filling a report.


2010-07-27 22:06

administrator   ~0008674

Good point, that should happen. I will file a bug.


2020-04-19 20:14

developer   ~0022041

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