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0003057ardourbugspublic2012-06-13 21:56
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Target Version3.0 
Summary0003057: Sticky midi control when feedback enabled
DescriptionIn ardour 3.0 SVN (revision 6854) the midi control using the DDX3216 as a general midi control surface is fighting control, as per a resolved bug in ardour2 not to long ago. It allows control, but it seems that ardour likes to feed the movement that came from the mixer back to it, with a slight delay, thus reporting a position just before where it actually is via manual control. This has a very sticky and choppy movement as the result.

When controlled from within ardour, movement is fine.



2010-04-03 17:03

reporter   ~0007436

BTW 50G available on recording drive
162 G available in /home
7200 RPM drive in RAID 0 for recording
jackd version 0.118.3 tmpdir /dev/shm protocol 24

anything else...


2010-10-18 12:21

reporter   ~0009268

Back to A3!
Things are looking up. This bug is still present however.
Built from SVN earlier today (rev 7903)

When feedback is disabled, the faders in the ardour mixer are controlled without problems. With feedback the faders on the mixer moves smoothly when controlled from ardour. But with feedback enabled, the faders on the mixer acts "sticky" as it seems the ardour feedback want to counteract the fader movement. It results in a jerky movement.

This is working perfectly in Ardour2 presently


2010-12-18 06:28

reporter   ~0009659

This is present even when using the midi maps.

I have tried increasing the feedback delay time in the generic midi contol code, but this had absolutely no effect, even if I set the feedback delay to 5 seconds.

I suspect that the delay is ignored at the moment.


2011-08-28 14:28

reporter   ~0011407

Last edited: 2011-08-29 15:18

I have noticed that it only happens with the volume faders for me (A3 alpha 10). The other contol elements like pan and plugin controllers work well.


2012-06-13 21:56

administrator   ~0013517

Is this still a problem with recent versions of A3?

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