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0003052bugs2012-01-28 18:53
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Summary0003052: Multi File Export not working
DescriptionWhen exporting a session where each track is an individual file, the export only creates one file with all the selected tracks mixed into it.
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2010-03-30 15:35

developer   ~0007425

The 'split to mono files' option was broken, and I fixed that in revision 6808. However, I'm not quite sure this was the actual problem. Could you please clarify what you did exactly, and what you were expecting to achieve?


2010-03-30 17:12

reporter   ~0007426

Will test it out. Yes I was trying to do a 'split to mono files' export and got one mono file with all the selected tracks in it. I would expect a mono file per selected track. Is that the correct expectation?


2010-03-30 17:25

developer   ~0007427

No, 'split to mono files' splits the selected _channels_, not tracks to mono files. I.e. a "regular" stereo export would produce two mono files instead of one stereo file.

The behavior you are looking for is a much requested feature not yet implemented, which will most probably be implemented in a different dialog.


2010-03-30 17:31

reporter   ~0007428

boo, ok :-( I guess a second check box is all you need visually to select and access such an feature.


2012-01-28 18:53

developer   ~0012697

This functionality is now available in the stem export dialog. The dialog is not yet perfect, but makes this ticket invalid...

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