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0003046ardourbugspublic2010-04-24 10:29
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Product VersionSVN/2.0-ongoing 
Summary0003046: "Stop and forget capture" doesn't work with jack transport
DescriptionArdour version: 2.8.8. from rev. 6749
jackd version: jackdmp 1.9.5

"Stop and forget capture" does as expected if ardour transport is set to "internal". However, if I use the jack transport, the playhead stops but the last capture is not destroyed.
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2010-04-17 23:35

administrator   ~0007501

Confirmed in A3.


2010-04-18 00:12

administrator   ~0007502

In A3 at least this is because of the different code paths for synced_to_jack() about a third of the way down Session::set_transport_speed.

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