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0002958bugs2012-12-18 17:03
ReporteroofusAssigned Topaul 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformDell D830 core2duo T9300 2.5GHzOSMandrivaOS Version2009.1
Product VersionSVN/2.0-ongoing 
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Summary0002958: GUI freezes normalising a region when the transport is in play.
DescriptionGUI freezes normalising a region when the transport is in play.

Seems to be the waveform rebuilding, it completely blocks the GUI.

Normalised a 45 minute stereo region (44K1 24 bit). GUI froze for about 30 seconds. Everything returned to normal after that.

The audio kept on playing with no problems during this period.

The Gui appears to freeze when normalising with the transport stopped as well, but the process is much faster, 2 seconds ?, so it is not as noticeable.
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2010-05-08 16:36

updater   ~0007832

I just got caught by this, too. I accidentally hit 'N' instead of the spacebar, with all regions in a 2 hour, 10 track session selected, and had time to make a cup of tea before Ardour had finished reading all the audio off the disk and was responsive again. Fortunately the 'undo' was instantaneous...

Perhaps a progress bar whilst normalising would be a nice thing to add, or even an 'Are you sure?' if there's more than a small amount of audio to be normalised.


2010-07-22 15:42

developer   ~0008597

Still an issue in 3.x as of rev 7470


2012-12-11 15:30

updater   ~0014347

Ardour 3 has had a 'normalizing' dialog with a progress bar and a cancel button for a while now - I guess that's probably enough to call this resolved?


2012-12-18 17:03

administrator   ~0014359

see notes.

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