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0000295ardourbugspublic2009-07-04 04:01
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Summary0000295: Setting gain control points sometimes results other GCPs being removed.
DescriptionWhen setting several nearby gain control points in a region,
such as to trace out a fade out curve, Ardour sometimes seems to have a cap on how many GCPs can be present. Placing a GCP results in a previously-placed one disappearing.
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2004-03-10 14:39

administrator   ~0000528

no, there is no limit on how many CP's can be present.

however, every time the line is redisplayed, ardour recomputes which of the potentially thousands of CP's in the underlying data should be visible. it has a moderately intelligent heuristic for doing this, but it is one that does result in previously visible points being deemed invisible. they still exist, and editing them is still possible.

to confirm this, try zooming in. you should see the "vanished" points become visible again as the distance between them and their neighbours increases.

then let me know .. :)


2007-02-14 21:37

administrator   ~0003246

Is this still an issue?


2009-07-04 04:01

manager   ~0006217

Resolving this out as it has been literally years with no feedback and is no longer believed to be an issue.

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