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0000293ardourfeaturespublic2020-04-19 20:48
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Target Version3.X 
Summary0000293: plugin automation for enabled/bypass status
DescriptionI believe it is important that plugins should be enabled and disabled via automation.
(Logic Platinum has this feature right next to the volume and pan automations)
For example,a live performer doesn't his wah wah or distorcion effect activated the whole time, hi only activates it when he needs it.
Additional InformationI think there should be an automation track for the enabled/bypass status wich should have only 2 values: 0 and 1 therefoe ,I suppose, making it less complex.
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related to 0002087 new plugins bypass button should be assignable to a midi controller button 
related to 0000429 closed way to turn a send (and/or plugins) off with automaiton 



2004-03-03 12:17

administrator   ~0000498

this might just make the feature freeze cutoff.


2004-03-15 19:14

reporter   ~0000546

So,that means a definit NO or a maybe?


2004-03-15 21:11

administrator   ~0000548

its a mostly-sort-of yes :)


2004-05-15 22:56

reporter   ~0000722

Just to remind you of this one and to see if you were interested in including this feature in a release.


2004-05-16 05:10

administrator   ~0000727

actually, its a lot *more* complex if its done right, because turning the plugin on/off will probably produce clicks. however, i suspect that some basic version of this will make the 1.0 list.


2009-04-07 23:21

reporter   ~0005863

Just checking to see if any progress has been made here. We're on 2.7.1 now (actually 2.8 but I don't have the OSX binary yet, so please disregard if it's been implemented in 2.8)


2009-04-07 23:33

reporter   ~0005865

also see a similar request for mute automation.

I mention it here because they are both boolean parameters, which Ardour currently treats as a 0.0 to 1.0 float. If that behavior were changed, it would have (positive) ramifications for a lot of stuff.


2014-01-12 12:19

reporter   ~0015566

@paul: shouldn't it be the plugin's perogative to handle nice bypass switching?


2014-01-12 14:51

administrator   ~0015567

show me a plugin API that provides a way to do this, and I'll use it. you can turn plugins on and off. I've never seen a bypass method.


2015-07-22 09:45

reporter   ~0016923

Last edited: 2015-07-22 10:17

In analogy to pulling out a device of a signal chain (in hardware), maybe it would be okay to let the user ensure that bypassing a plugin happens when there is no signal going though it.
Even within plugins, quite a few parameters cause artifacts when automated.
However, a really quick fade might be a minimum consensus.


2015-07-22 13:54

administrator   ~0016929

The consensus is to have the plugin do the bypassing (the host cannot know the correct way to bypass a plugin, only the plugin does) and implement it for LV2 because it's the only plugin standard that supports it. There are 3 states : passthrough (zero latency), bypassed (with latency), active that a host needs to walk though for clickless insertion/removal.


2015-07-22 13:56

administrator   ~0016930

PS. "consensus" was a between group of people who work on LV2 specs, a few LV2 plugin authors and users (MOD team) at the LAC'15.


2015-07-23 00:25

reporter   ~0016933

Thanks x42, knowing those three stages shines some light on the difficulties.
I see that it's impossible to automate a passthrough.

However, there seems to be quite a demand for this but I think there is no clear, "right" answer to the questions if it is the host's or plug-in's responsibility.
I think a quick crossfade from wet to dry could do it but, oh well…


2015-07-23 01:40

administrator   ~0016934

The right answer is definitely "plugin". The host cannot know what the correct way is. The plugin which implements the DSP has the information.

Cross-fade is indeed a good generic choice. Default 50ms (20Hz) or thereabouts.

If a plugin does not explicitly implement bypass (LV2 port designation), the host should fall back to x-fade (that also helps to simplify things for plugins that would just do a x-fade). The LV2 spec is work in progress and it'll likely show up in Ardour before LAC'16 maybe even earlier.


2020-04-19 20:43

administrator   ~0023813

Ardour 5.12 support LV2 bypass/enabled and VST effBypass, as well as boolean automation.

Since Ardour knows nothing about properly bypassing a plugin. This is only supported if a plugin offers the feature to the host.


2020-04-19 20:48

administrator   ~0023815

Closing this, 16 years later.

Ardour 5.12 support LV2 bypass/enabled and VST effBypass, as well as boolean automation.
Since Ardour knows nothing about properly bypassing a plugin, this is only supported if a plugin offers the feature to the host.

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