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0002893bugs2009-11-16 03:34
Reporterd13bAssigned Topaul 
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Product VersionSVN/2.0-ongoing 
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Summary0002893: ardourvst refuses to start (revision >= 5959)

on my system, ardour from svn refuses to start up when compiled (successfully) with scons VST=1

the error message is
wine: could not load L"Z:\\usr\\local\\lib\\ardour2\\": Fehlerhaftes EXE-Format für

(the german part translates as "Bad EXE format for")

svn revision 5858 (and before) works fine, any later version not.

by contrast the latest svn revision (5992), compiled with "scons VST=0" works fine.

Additional Informationmy system is debian unstable:

(probably related) package-versions:
wine-unstable: 1.1.31-1
gcc: 4:4.3.3-9+nmu1
scons: 1.2.0.d20090905-1
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2009-11-13 18:26

reporter   ~0007102

Same here, also a german Debian Unstable.

Is there a workaround of some kind?


2009-11-16 03:34

administrator   ~0007111

fixed in 2.0-ongoing, svn rev 6093


2009-11-16 03:34

administrator   ~0007112

see notes.

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