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0002838features2009-10-31 14:53
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Product Version2.8.2 
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Summary0002838: 'export selections' nice-to-have feature
Descriptiona nice feature in some other DAWs which I find handy for quick sound design is the ability to ctrl-select sound files in a project and export them as a mix sound file
it would be extra handy to be able to 'right click' for a contextual menu that would allow the user to export from there
I understand that you can do this with 'regions' but it would also be useful to just be able to select non-contiguous sound files in a view and export them directly from there
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2009-09-03 15:40

reporter   ~0006641

is what you are loking for the function of consolidate a range?
which is going to exist in ardour3 at least


2009-10-31 14:53

administrator   ~0007034

export ranges appears to be more or less identical to what you are asking for. the one difference is that you make selections on the Ranges ruler (which may be hidden by default), and not in the main track area.

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