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0002821ardourfeaturespublic2013-01-22 11:38
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Summary0002821: the tempo map should have a concept of "no time"
Descriptioncurrently, the tempo map always needs a tempo and meter (default 4/4 @ 120 bpm).

it would be very nice to have a tempo marker "no time" that disables the click and allows/forces the user to set the next tempo marker relative to absolute time.

this would be very handy for rubato passages and breaks, and it would split up the timeline inter-dependency into more manageable chunks: currently, moving a meter or tempo marker early in the session affects the entire timeline after it, which can have weird effects, particularly in the presence of bugs.

a "no time" marker limits the effects to the current section before that marker. it helps with long, prog-rock style songs or sessions that contain more than one song.

maybe this concept might also help to get rid of the special status of the first meter/tempo marker, which is undeletable atm. if the default were "no time"
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2009-08-14 09:21

manager   ~0006524

an additional positive side effect is that the default 4/4@120 bar/beat lines would disappear in "no time" sections, removing a visual distraction when no meter is needed.


2013-01-22 11:01

manager   ~0014550

bumping this back on the radar for discussion. i still think it would be tremendously useful, and once the dust has settled for 3.1 or 3.2, i'd be interested in comments from devs about feasibility.

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