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0002753ardourbugspublic2013-04-06 23:09
Reporternettings Assigned Topaul  
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Summary0002753: track templates: creation of multiple tracks in one go fails due to naming conflict.
Descriptionhere's the error:

[ERROR]: AudioEngine: cannot register port "2AMB mono channel/in 1": a port with the name "2AMB mono channel/in 1" already exists: check for duplicated track/bus names

easiest solution might be to give them default names like "Audio N" and use the default unique name generation method.
Steps To Reproducecreate a track template.
session->add tracks->from template (more than one)
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related to 0004303 closedcth103 Duplicate controllable IDs when using route templates 
related to 0005437 new Copy operations of route processors (drag-and-drop and create from template) are not or incompletely implemented 



2009-07-04 18:23

administrator   ~0006253

should be resolved in SVN rev 5322 (and 2.8.1). please confirm.


2009-08-13 16:56

manager   ~0006514

the original issue appears to be fixed, thanks.

there is a related issue however:
it would be highly desirable if route templates could include sends (standard usecase: reverb) or even inserts. these will still generate name clashes:
if the original track that was saved as a template contains a ">send1", ardour will try to create a new track with ">send1" also (same for inserts), which fails.

maybe just re-use the logic behind the "new send"/"new insert" button in the mixer strip context menu, which apparently traverses the list of all sends/inserts and automatically creates a new name of the form "[send|insert]N+1".


2009-08-13 17:00

manager   ~0006515

since the ardour-internal name for this feature seems to be route template, i'm adding this note for the benefit of the search index:
route template, route-template, route_template. :-D


2009-08-16 13:07

manager   ~0006559

another minor issue with route template generation: the color of the track is copied as well when using a custom template, which shouldn't happen by default.


2013-01-22 00:21

manager   ~0014547

The issue seems to be fixed in current SVN 3.0.
However, the template still tries to create sends with identical IDs, but then some sanity check intervenes and says:
[WARNING]: aux send ID 2 appears to be in use already

Then, the new track is created correctly with all sends, apparently with implicit ID corrections. I wonder what happens if the ID namespace is scattered with holes, but for now I'm marking this as resolved.


2013-04-06 23:09

manager   ~0014835

This issue has reappeared as of 3.0-185-g096fe04 (that's when I noticed it - might have happened several weeks or months earlier).

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