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0002737ardourbugspublic2010-04-24 10:31
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PlatformMac Pro Quadcore 3 GHz (2007)OS10.5OS Version10.5.4
Product Version2.8 
Summary0002737: Import / Drag & Drop Audio = Not possible
DescriptionSee Screencast
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2009-06-18 09:58



2009-06-18 10:03

reporter   ~0006136

See Console-Log attached (can be opened with Texteditor)

2009-06-18 10:04


Ardour2_Import.log (47,698 bytes)


2009-06-25 02:13

administrator   ~0006168

We are unable to replicate this behaviour on two OS X systems, one with Spaces and one without.

The behaviour you are observing is system specific, and because of this, we have no immediate suggestions for a workaround or a fix.


2009-06-25 02:17

administrator   ~0006169

i forgot to add - we could use much more detailed on your system:

ardour version
jack version
audio interface being used
OS X version

and anything else you can think of.


2009-06-25 02:29

manager   ~0006170

To add on to this, PPC or Intel, did you build it yourself or is this downloaded from the website?

PS Thanks for the video and log, both are useful.


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