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0002734ardourfeaturespublic2020-04-19 20:14
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Summary0002734: Enhancement of edit and/or mix groups
DescriptionThis is more of a "feature discussion" as I would welcome feedback to refine this idea.

Mix groups and edit groups are great features, but I think they need a few additional tweaks to be truly workflow-enhancing. Here are my thoughts for how to make these features great:

1. Make the features more visible to the user: When creating a route, the user should have the option of adding to a new or existing edit/mix group.

2. Under the "g" and "Grp" buttons, the user should be able to create a new group rather than just assign to an existing group. This seems more intuitive than managing via the group lists.

3. Visually, the groups should be obvious when looking at the editor/mixer. My thought was to have a "header" of sorts that groups the routes together. This would imply that routes in the same group should be physically next to each other. I've attached a crude mockup to demonstrate the idea. Then, the user could engage/disengage the grouping functionality by simply clicking the header.

Other thoughts: Is there really a useful distinction between edit groups and mix groups? Would it perhaps be more useful to have a general "route group" feature, where different parameter sets (i.e., editing, M/S/R, fader levels, etc) can be linked individually? This might be equivalent to automatically making a mix group when an edit group is created, and vice-versa.

If the devs see this as a viable enhancement, I'd be glad to add some modest sponsorship (and would hope that some other users might too).
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2009-06-16 14:54


ardour-groups-1.jpg (117,753 bytes)   
ardour-groups-1.jpg (117,753 bytes)   


2009-06-17 10:40

administrator   ~0006133

Hi, I'm inclined to agree with these suggestions. I'm not entirely sure of the distinction between edit and mix groups, but merging them seems like a good idea to me.


2009-06-17 13:43

reporter   ~0006134

Positive feedback from one developer is good enough for me. I'd say we can consider this "closed" when the 3 main points listed are addressed; The other thoughts about merging group functionality could perhaps be considered for future development.



2009-06-20 13:43

administrator   ~0006138

The editor group headers are now implemented in 3.0 SVN. Your suggested layout would have been better, I think, but is very tricky to do, unfortunately.


2009-06-20 15:40

administrator   ~0006144

You can now assign new tracks to particular edit groups, and create edit groups from the route 'edit group' menu.


2009-06-20 17:19

administrator   ~0006145

This should all be implemented now. Comments welcome.


2009-06-21 17:53

reporter   ~0006150

I'll do an SVN checkout and test it this week. Thanks!


2009-06-22 15:10

reporter   ~0006153

Played with this today and I really like the implementation. I like how the tabs gracefully split and join when the routes are reordered, this is probably better than my "always keep grouped routes physically together" idea. The options to link various parameters individually are great too (in the new group dialog).

A few comments (as of rev. 5244): In the new track/bus dialog, the "Add to Group" option doesn't display any existing groups. Also, a "new group..." option would be nice in there as well, in fact I imagine that's where it'll get used the most.

Minor GUI tweak: I'd suggest putting a max width on the Group button in the mixer strips, because the changing button label can make the button (and hence the whole strip) really wide, which is kind of a waste of screen space. I also just noticed that the tabs in the mixer don't refresh when the strip order changes.


2009-06-22 22:31

administrator   ~0006155

Thanks for the feedback, this should all have been fixed up in SVN.


2009-06-23 13:29

reporter   ~0006159

Looks great! I've sent payment to Paul.

Two very small bugs: the tabs in the mixer don't resize when strip widths are changed, and the tabs will be hard to see against the background if the tab color is dark.

For my next feature request: an Ardour 3.0 alpha release... ;)


2009-06-23 14:40

reporter   ~0006160

Two larger issue: Gains don't seem to be linked among members of a group when "Gain" is enabled. Also it appears that "Selection" must be linked in order for edits to apply to all members of a group; Having "Editing" alone selected doesn't work. Or maybe it's just not doing what I'm expecting.


2009-06-23 23:06

administrator   ~0006162

The mixer strip width thing should be fixed now. Also Paul has fixed the gain grouping. You're right about the selection / editing thing, I'll try to sort that out. Thanks!


2010-08-28 15:02

administrator   ~0008928

Editing now works on grouped tracks without "Selection" enabled as a group property.


2020-04-19 20:14

developer   ~0021933

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