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0002729ardourbugspublic2010-04-24 10:31
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Summary0002729: dragging a region folder or region folder content to a track results in different displayed region name in track canvas
Descriptionsay you have a region list full of stuff
regions are organized in region folders
say you want to add a region called 'Region 1-1.1' to a track by dragging it from the region list, and say Region 1-1 is the content of folder 'Region 1-1-0'

if you drag the folder, the region displayed in the track canvas will be called Region 1-1-0. If you expend the folder in the region list and drag the content, i.e. Region 1-1.1, the region displayed in the track will be called Region 1-1.0.

I believe the name should be consistent: one region = one name. The folder name should be used.
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2009-06-14 14:22

reporter   ~0006110

ah, I misled a bit. I mean Region 1-1.1 (not 1-1.0). When the folder is dragged, you get 1-1-0 if that was its name. What counts is that in the end, you have a different name shown in the track.

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