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0002721ardourbugspublic2010-04-24 10:31
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Summary0002721: 14 bit control messages doesn't work
DescriptionArdour just takes the LSB or MSB when sending 14 bit-paired CC MIDI messages.
Additional InformationEven in Mackie mode (I think: when I enable the Mackie toggle, it says "[ERROR]: control protocol name "Mackie" could not be initialized. / [ERROR]: Error instantiating MackieControlProtocol: The Mackie MCU driver will not use a port with device=ardour ... but the option remains enabled). Allways take one or the other controller number.

Tested with software (pure-data tester patch attached), and hardware: Berhinger BCF2000 (confirmed that the Berhinger sends first the MSB in a controller number n, and then the LSB to the controller n+32)
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2009-06-11 16:49



2009-06-11 17:19

manager   ~0006094

Haven't looked at the generic MIDI yet, but for the record the Mackie mode did not start for you. Your config file is incorrect and thus the mackie mode would not launch. That it remains checked anyways is a different bug.

Also to get a BCF working with Ardour's Mackie control implementation, you have to set up the hardware in emulation mode to send the appropriate signals. This is actually pretty accurate in the old manual, and will likely vbe very similar in th new manual if you want to read up on how to do this.



2009-06-11 21:16

reporter   ~0006095

Thanks. I'll try it ( tomorrow.

Two questions:
Without the Mackie mode is expected to don't work with 14 bit paired control messages?
The Mackie mode uses CC pairs for the 14 bit messages, or NRPN/RPN/SysEx/? ?



2009-06-12 15:40

reporter   ~0006096

OK, I tried the Mackie emulation mode, and it works. I'm not sure that is using 14 bit messages, but anyway, I need to apply those controllers for plugins automations, and Ardour doesn't allows me to assign the controllers on them, so is not really useful for my needs.

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