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0002569ardourbugspublic2012-05-23 15:09
Reportersletz Assigned Topaul  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version3.0-beta1 
Target Version3.0 
Summary0002569: Transport management in JACK1 (latest SVN) and JACK2 (latest SVN)
DescriptionA bug report concerning Transport management in JACK2 here:

The thing is that when "time master" in on in Ardour, changing the position cause the timebase callback to be called with a new_pos = true. The timebase callback takes a jack_position_t *pos parameter containing the *new* pos (in the "frame" field) but for some reason Ardour timebase callback set it back to the *current* pos. Then JACK2 takes this pos in account and the final position *does not* change...

JACK1 seems not to take this changed pos value in account, and so the final position *does* change...

The documentation says here :

"The timebase master may not use its pos argument to set pos->frame. To change position, use jack_transport_reposition() or jack_transport_locate(). These functions are realtime-safe, the timebase_callback can call them directly."

This is not so clear for me, so who is right?

- JACK1 and Ardour (changing the pos in the timebase callback) are both right?

- or JACK1 and Ardour (changing the pos in the timebase callback) both have bugs that cancel each other?

- or Ardour has a bug (changing the pos in the timebase callback) but JACK2 is correct and the resulting behaviour is incorrect...

Thanks for any clarification!
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has duplicate 0002856 confirmed jackdmp (jack2) & Timemaster issue 



2010-08-31 14:44

administrator   ~0008968

i think its a bug in ardour. working a fix now.


2011-11-21 00:12

administrator   ~0012145

Did this get fixed?


2011-11-21 01:03

administrator   ~0012147

i did some work on it, but need to check it. will do so along with a general test of jack 1.9.6, which now appears "too old" to support 2.8.12 and 3.

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