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Summary0002552: what is happening at 5 mins...
DescriptionHi for 3 hours I have had ardour (current SVN) crash on record at 5 minutes exactly.. hiss is after recording 16 tracks in and tryin gto record another...

prior to 16 tracks at 5 minutes the playhead stopped following the recording but kept recording the track... I was going to report this as a minor bug..

Since then I noticed a window under the "Time Master" switch.. this was set to 5 minutes.. changing this .. stopped the crashing, however didn't fix the playhead issue.. What is going on here.. what is the purpose of this window??? It is very non-inttuitive and changing this on an existing project simply stopped it crashing.. but did not fix playhead issues...

Please explain... or better yet remove this..
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2009-02-14 17:16

reporter   ~0005714

okay .. whatever this "feature" time setting is.. it seems to be fixed at 5 minutes.... I started a new project and before recording set this to 7 minutes... however at 5 minutes it started giving issues with the transport....


2009-02-15 00:45

reporter   ~0005717

apologies for dual posting this issue. It appeared that the first one hadn't gone though. (also for the emotional tone to this message).. I can't sponsor any more than 5 bucks as I have already paid 30 to Hans and will pay an additional 30 to the project next pay cycle (in a month) .. for the completion of MIDI clock...


2009-02-18 22:45

developer   ~0005729

That is region nudge (as the associated button tooltips imply), and is almost certainly unrelated.

I can confirm the playhead following stops working, and the session end marker is at 5 minutes after which the recorded data isn't displayed at all, but it does not crash and will record past 5 minutes.


2009-02-18 22:51

reporter   ~0005730

Hi Dave

Crashing only occurs once there are a number of tracks already recorded.
I had 14 mono tracks and a stereo track. It began crashing at this 5 minute marker.

It is certainly strange but it did stop crashing once I changed the value in the session nudge.


2009-02-18 22:52

reporter   ~0005731

P.S the tracks were all in excess of 5:15 minutes in recorded length. no plugins were running at the time. CHanging period size in jackd appeared to have no impact on the result here.

2009-02-18 23:16


nudge-maybe.jpg (12,904 bytes)   
nudge-maybe.jpg (12,904 bytes)   


2009-06-08 02:53

reporter   ~0006055

wicked_boy, I too have experienced some of the things you are seeings, specifically with the 5 minute mark. What operating system are you running it on? When running Ubuntu 9.04 or Ubuntu Studio 9.04 (both running Ardour 2.7.something) I noticed that when I recorded in Ardour the waveforms will freeze at the 5 minute mark where there is a "End" marker above the waveforms. The timer kept going at the top of Ardour, and it seemingly kept recording, I made some 20+ minute sessions. The display would freeze at 5 minutes, but after I hit stop, the waveforms would will out to the entire recording and show all 20 minutes of it. It was driving me crazy. I also see the same thing you see in the screen shot, where by default it had a selection at 5 minutes. So I began to wonder if perhaps the build for 9.04 was bad, or there was some change that messed it up. I just installed Ubuntu Studio 8.04 with Ardour 2.3 (3029), no updates to anything installed yet, just whatever is on the latest cd. Everything works fine, I've had 3 channels going in at 96kHz, it's been running over 30 minutes now, waveforms still displaying.

So long story long, for me at least, I am not getting these problems on Ubuntu 8.04. If that's a possibility for you wicked_boy I suggest doing that for now until someone compiles a better build of Ardour for 9.04. If you are running another OS, let me know and I can provide more info for troubleshooting purposes. Hope that helps... it was driving me crazy!


2009-06-08 05:04

reporter   ~0006056

Last edited: 2009-06-08 05:05

Did some more tinkering, here is some more info. Since Ardour 2.3 was running nicely in ubuntu studio 8.04 I decided to uninstall ardour through the package manager, then install the getdeb build of Ardour 2.8 ( for 8.04 (hardy).

Ran a recording on 2.8 for about 20 minutes, the playhead kept up real time and the waveforms never froze. The time meter defaulted to 5 minutes this time instead of 0 as I saw in 2.3, but thankfully the recording worked fine.

So I don't know if it's the build of 2.7 in Ubuntu 9.04 or something about the audio system in 9.04 but, again I think your best bet for now wicked_boy would be to move back to 8.04.

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