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0002496ardourbugspublic2010-04-27 13:32
Reporterbigstumpi Assigned To 
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Product Version2.7 
Summary0002496: Moving/creating tempo/meter markers ardour seems to move markers randomly
DescriptionSometimes when moving or creating markers one or more are at different locations at one go.

Reproducable: Always

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a new project
2. Create some tempo/meter markers

Sometimes it will happen that a marker is on a different location as the one I right-clicked.
Right clicking on the tempo-bar -> insert tempo change will open the marker dialog and there it is: The content of the position field is WRONG. If I enter the correct value manually the marker will be at the desired location.

I am running Arch Linux 2.6.27-Preempt and have a i686 Pentium M Processor.
I can't remember such problems on my gentoo box (but there I had a minor version of Ardour)
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related to 0002377 closedpaul moving on meter change around results in unwanted sideeffects on other meter change markers 



2009-01-22 01:13

administrator   ~0005632

A bug which sounds like this one can be triggered by creating a new session, scrolling the main editor window right and then adding a tempo marker; the tempo marker position in the new tempo dialogue is wrong.

This seems to be caused by line 1003 of The pixel_to_frame call on this line appears not to take into account scrollbar position. I think this can be fixed by changing line

popup_ruler_menu (leftmost_frame + pixel_to_frame(event->button.x), item_type);

but there's probably a more official way. There are other places in the code which call pixel_to_frame in a similar way and which should maybe be checked out.

2009-01-26 18:26


ardour-mouse.patch (481 bytes)   
Index: gtk2_ardour/
--- gtk2_ardour/		(revision 4443)
+++ gtk2_ardour/		(working copy)
@@ -1000,7 +1000,7 @@
 			case CdMarkerBarItem:
 			case TempoBarItem:
 			case MeterBarItem:
-				popup_ruler_menu (pixel_to_frame(event->button.x), item_type);
+				popup_ruler_menu (leftmost_frame + pixel_to_frame(event->button.x), item_type);
 			case MarkerItem:
ardour-mouse.patch (481 bytes)   


2009-01-26 18:34

reporter   ~0005641

Tested and attached a patch with the solution of cth103. It fixes the issue with the wrong position field content when CREATING markers. should solve the remaining problem occuring when MOVING markers.


2009-08-10 13:16

manager   ~0006495

the problem remains in current 2.0-ongoing.
creating new meters works ok, but dragging meter markers will confuse the timeline: after dragging, bar numbers are waaay off, and all subsequent tempo and meter markers are wrong.
workaround is to never drag but always remove/create meter markers.

this bug should be "major" (at least it is for people who actually use tempo maps).


2009-08-10 13:18

manager   ~0006496

hmm. looks like this ticket should be closed, as it's a duplicate of issue 0002377, which has more detailed reports.

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