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0002493bugs2010-04-24 10:31
ReporterrobbieAssigned Tonettings 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformIntel Pentium D945OSGentoo LinuxOS Version2.6.24.7-rt6 SMP
Product Version2.7.1 
Fixed in Version2.8.3 
Summary0002493: Illegal default parameters for LADSPA plugins
DescriptionUpon addition of a new plugin, several parameters may default to illegal values - resulting in non-functional plugin.
Steps To Reproduce1. Insert SWH Gate plugin into track

2. Edit plugin

3. Observe that LF/HF key filter values are 0.001 and 0.490 Hz respectively.


Additional InformationLADSPA SDK tool analyseplugin reports;

Ports: "LF key filter (Hz)" input, control, 0.0007*srate to 0.1*srate, default 0.0007*srate

        "HF key filter (Hz)" input, control, 0.005*srate to 0.49*srate, default 0.49*srate

Note that the default values look suspiciously like the default values if srate=1.

Workaround: Adjust the LF/HF sliders - after entering the legal range for the parameter Ardour will not allow you to reset an illegal value.
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related to 0002772 resolvedpaul Initial values for some LADSPA plugins wrong, strange behaviour when modifying it manually 
related to 0002608 resolvedpaul [PATCH] fix BarController to display logarithmically scaled values correctly 



2009-08-15 02:52

manager   ~0006542

this bug is still present in r5499


2009-10-01 16:44

administrator   ~0006670

probably fixed by recent commits of the log3 patch from 2808.


2009-10-24 21:47

manager   ~0006882

yeah, works for me now. if anyone still has problems, holler now.

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