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0002490ardourbugspublic2010-04-24 10:32
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Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version2.7.1 
Summary0002490: incorrect output when transport is started within full crossfade
DescriptionWhen moving the playhead into a crossfade, and then start playing, the crossfade function is malformed. It was tested by using a rising ramp as region one and a falling ramp as region two. Output was recorded into a tape track.
Additional InformationPossibly related to bug 0001737.
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related to 0001737 closedpaul click at the end of crossfades 



2008-12-14 14:20

reporter   ~0005518

This is not only happening within crossfades. Seems to be rather a bug in fade_in.


2009-01-28 02:07

manager   ~0005652

I added a relationship to 1737, however I am not convinced they are related from looking at the reports and comments. Since you seem to have done some work on 1737(Which I am about to forward along, thank you) can you confirm that this bug is or is not related? Thanks.



2009-01-28 02:14

manager   ~0005654

By the way, if you get a moment, can you post up the output file, session, and possibly the input files used? I seem to be unable to reproduce this here.



2009-01-29 08:31

reporter   ~0005679

I think both bugs are unrelated, bug 1737 was an off-by-one bug, this one seems more related to an incorrect calculation of the crossfade length or position. I can send/attach session files soon (weekend), I will also try to look at the source code.


2009-02-03 23:15


crossfade_2490.tar.gz (484,587 bytes)


2009-02-03 23:21

reporter   ~0005686

while creating the session which exploits this bug I got the impression that it is more related to the crossfade method of tape tracks: When repeatedly recording from a region with a DC component into a tape track, always starting at the same position, the amplitude of the tape track is continuously growing. It seems to depend on the current amplitude at crossfade (recording) start in the tape track.

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