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Summary0002455: Bugs with AU automation
DescriptionArdour 2.7
Mac OS X 10.4

Both of these occur when playing back AU automation, not sure if they are releated or not. For my testing I used an AUMatrixReverb plugin as it should be availiable on any OS X system I believe.

The first thing that can happen is a crash. It sounds like it is repeating one buffer over and over again, Ardour stops responding, and crashes, all within a matter of about a second or so. This was repeatable last night, but when trying to repeat it today I cannot seem to reproduce it to grab a crash report.

What IS happening today however is a fun zipper noise as it changes parameters, most notable in the wet/dry mix automation.

Also it is worth noting, but this may not be so easy to change, that the plugin GUI does not update as parameters change.

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2008-11-21 18:56

manager   ~0005258

Ok adding onto this, the exported file from this session(Exported using export selection and selecting a range)does not appear to have any of the AU plugin in it at all.



2008-11-21 21:53

administrator   ~0005278

the GUI update problem is Apple-AU specific. they just don't seem to have written their plugins to handle this.

other AU plugins from other manufacturers (e.g. Waves, PSP, SmartElectronix) all work perfectly in this respect.


2010-05-01 17:08

administrator   ~0007679

Is this still an issue with the current Ardour?


2010-05-02 17:12

manager   ~0007769

Kick me this week and I will confirm that it is fixed.


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