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0002443ardourbugspublic2010-04-24 10:32
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Product VersionSVN/2.0-ongoing 
Summary0002443: Few transporting problems
DescriptionHere a list of few issues i found while testing :

* Put the playhead on the End marker, try Rewind or Transition To Reverse : nothing happend ... Transport seems to be locked when playhead is on End marker.

* Press Ctrl+up (Transition To Roll), wait a second, press Ctrl+down (Transition To Reverse) : The playhead doesn't follow transporting before the original starting point.
(If you start Transition To Roll from the Start marker it works just fine !)

Please excuse my English.
Additional InformationI'm using Ardour 2.6.1-4010, compiled from sources, without any options set during compilation.
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2008-11-22 12:20

reporter   ~0005287

The second problem has been solved in 2.7 but it's still impossible to rewind from the end marker

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