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Summary0002418: Tempo automation feature
DescriptionOne basic feature that's missing in Ardour is tempo automation, that is, the possibility to change the tempo in the middle of a song. It should be possible to have it change either from one tempo to another in an instant, or gradually during any number of bars.
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2008-10-16 19:30

reporter   ~0005191

tempo change is possible, meter change as well. What is not, to my knowledge, is tempo ramping. I frequently use tempo and meter changes. Look at the time bars, above the track canvas. You have many different things (location markers, punch/loop ranges, etc). If tempo and meter bars are not visible, right click on the area and select them. Then add tempo change markers by left clicking where you want (make sure you snap to something like bar or beat with the option snap to grid). Once you put a tempo change or meter marker, you can edit (right-click on it and set the tempo or meter you want).

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