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0002407ardourbugspublic2020-04-19 20:13
Reporterrealhangman Assigned Topaul  
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Product VersionSVN/2.0-ongoing 
Summary0002407: Cleanup unused sources does not scan other snapshots correctly
DescriptionI worked on a project with various snapshots, all named differently (after the songnames, so I did not take the date as snapshot name).

When I used the "cleanup unused sources" feature, all audiofiles which were not used by the single snapshot I had just loaded were moved to "dead sounds"!. The other snapshots reported that their audiofiles were missing.

+ There were quite a lot audiofiles of the same name with different sizes in "dead sounds" and "audiofiles", so just moving all files back was no solution.
Tagscleanup, cleanup unused sources, snapshot, snapshots, sources, unused



2009-06-24 18:08

reporter   ~0006163

This is still a very major problem in 2.8. The current session will completely ignore the snapshots and delete files which these snapshots might need!


2009-06-25 01:18

administrator   ~0006164

rev 5269 of 2.0-ongoing hopefully contains a near-final fix for this issue.


2009-06-25 07:43

reporter   ~0006171

Hi Paul,

I testes rev 5270 this morning and it seems to work! If you don't mind, I will test it this weekend thoroughly with a real session that formerly failed and then report it here.

Btw, after testing this bug so much yesterday, I dreamed that you were sitting with me at a table and explained the truths about DeusEx to me...


2009-06-26 12:55

reporter   ~0006178


Works perfectly for me! The formerly problematic session is now small like I wanted it to be, without destroying any data that is still needed.

Bug can be closed and marked as fixed!


2009-06-26 13:08

administrator   ~0006179

problem solved. caused by a remnant of the old session folder heirarchy before we moved to .../interchange/session-name/audiofiles, and also of not using a relative path for hard-linked embedded files.


2020-04-19 20:13

developer   ~0021794

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