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Summary0002406: (better) Sidechain support
DescriptionIn 2.x, sidechains seem to be somehow usable
(like this:, but at large, I don't think it's usable. When I want to add e.g. the SC3, Ardour tells me that this is not a sidechain plugin and that there are the wrong numbers of inputs.
It is very fiddly to setup the right numer of inputs, route everything etc, especially when dealing with a lot of plugins etc. etc.

Therefore, good sidechain support would be great, even if it means not to add sidechain support, but to modify the routing system so that sidechains can easily be used.
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2008-10-26 02:52

reporter   ~0005210

could this be implemented as the side chain inputs just as internal jack ports that can be connected to by sends/inserts etc? that way the channels themselves don't need to have weird numbers of inputs/outputs (making other plugins harder to use sometimes) and provide for quite a flexible routing system.

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