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0002387ardourfeaturespublic2009-07-05 04:59
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Summary0002387: Global playlist support
DescriptionWorking on a multi-song project, I like to have separate ’views’ of each song. I often start by creating a custom template and using it to create a new session for each song.

When all songs are recorded, I start to mix on one song on my analogue mixing desk. In this process I often change output routing, a few default plugins, etc. I write these changes on paper and each time I open an other song, I manually apply those changes...

It would be perfect if Ardour supported multiple global playlists per session. This way all changes in track layout, routing and plugins are reflected over all songs and switching songs would be a breeze.

Global playlists will enable:
* Separate view per song with easy switching
* Switching timelines will display that timeline’s regions
* You can easily copy/paste between timelines
* Changes in settings, track layout, routing, and plugins are ’global’

Bonus points could be earned for implementing:
* Global playlists in sidebar (add/rename/load)
* Tempo track switching (including metronome settings)

There was already some minimal discussion on such a feature at and IRC, back in '06...
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2008-09-22 11:41

administrator   ~0005144

Why do snapshots not address this issue?


2008-09-22 12:10

reporter   ~0005146

What I'd like to do/have:
1. Globally change playlists, so that track layout, routing, mixer, plugins, etc. are equal for all 'songs'/playlists
2. Have a GUI(/sidepane) that contains all 'global playlists'

The basic functionality is already available, but it requires a manual 'playlist select' for each track.

Snapshots aren't very useful for me in a multi-song project because:
1. A snapshot contains all regions of the master session
2. Changes in track layout, routing, mixer, plugins, etc. are not synced between all snapshots


2008-09-26 10:29

reporter   ~0005149

Ehm, can sombody unset the 'feedback' status for this ticket?


2008-11-18 09:42

reporter   ~0005238

I've added another $11... Can the feedback tag be removed now? ;)


2008-11-19 09:08

developer   ~0005243

Can you check the status of the current release? It supports a simple version of grouped playlist operations for tracks belonging to an active edit group.

Could you then report back and tell us what the current implementation leaves you hoping for?


2008-11-19 09:18

reporter   ~0005244


'current release' as in 2.6.1, 2.x from svn or 3?


2008-11-19 10:40

developer   ~0005246

Current release as in 2.6.1


2009-07-05 04:59

manager   ~0006324

Since its been about a year and a half since feedback was requested and the feature is believed to be implemented, I am resolving this issue out.

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