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0002384ardourbugspublic2010-04-24 10:32
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Summary0002384: Clips at high timecodes do not display in the timeline window
DescriptionIf you load a session where the earliest timeline clip is at a high timecode value (in my case it was 10:00:00:00) the clips do not get displayed in the timeline window. If you jump to the start or end markers, the timecode clocks do get updated correctly but the timeline window itself seems to be stuck at around 00:26:00:00 timecode. If you locate to a timecode where you know there are clips present, the timeline audio can be played but no clips show up in the graphic display.

My display is set to "moving play head" mode.
Additional InformationFirst discovered in svn 3695 (Ardour 2.4.1) but still present (yesterday) in svn 3708 (Ardour 2.5)

At first, this problem coincided with either the first or second screen update after I pressed the 'play' button (in other words, when playing the timeline, I could see the first 2 "screenfuls" of clip data before the timeline then went blank) - but now I don't get any clips being displayed at all.
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2008-09-21 11:56

reporter   ~0005143

Some further information has come to light. What seems to happen is that instead of refreshing to the expected time, the timeline jumps to the position of the end marker - BUT (and this is crucial) MINUS the number of timecode hours. Here are 2 examples:-

1) End marker is at 10:06:02:00 - screen will update to 00:06:02:00
2) End marker is at 10:27:09:04 - screen will update to 00:27:09:04


2009-02-10 13:18

reporter   ~0005693

Some further information has come to light recently.... This problem is dependent on the length of the session AND the amount of "space" before the start marker. The start time of the first timeline region is immaterial AFAICT. The bug appears if there is more "space" before the start marker than the length of the session (no matter where the session starts). For example:-

1) I have a session starting at 10:00:00:00 timecode. The complete session is about 24 minutes long. The bug appears if I position the start marker anytime later than about 00:24:00:00

2) I have another session starting 00:02:15:00 timecode. The complete session lasts for 90 secs. The bug appears if I position the start marker anytime later than 00:01:30:00

I'm pretty damn sure that I could fix this bug myself if someone could give me a hint about where I should start looking.

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