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0002358ardourfeaturespublic2021-05-15 15:31
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Summary0002358: Please add in a "notes" tab to the notebook
I often jot down project notes in a text file that I keep in the project directory. It would be great to have access to my notes without leaving the editor window. To that end, please add in a notes tab to the notebook, which would contain a textarea that I can write in.

Another feature it could have would be a list of all tracks with comments at the bottom of the notebook 'page', which could expand to show the comments (similar to the way the region list is now)

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2016-10-30 15:26

reporter   ~0018882

Just come across this feature request -- I think a global/session comment field would be an excellent idea.

The track comment fields are very useful, but somewhere to store notes relating to the project as a whole (such as a to-do list, or mixing notes) would be really helpful.

Now with the tabbed interface in the Editor window, maybe a button on the editor window would work, which when pressed turned the Editor window screen estate into a giant text box (in a similar way to how the Preferences button uses the screen estate to show the preference options).


2021-05-15 15:31

reporter   ~0025854

I also would find a global session comment section really nice, even if using the master bus' comment section works as well.

There's a similar feature request over here:

Would this rather be a thing for A7?

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