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0002288ardourfeaturespublic2009-10-31 23:09
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Summary0002288: Request: Edit multiple crossfades at the same time
DescriptionI would like to be able to edit multiple crossfades at the same time.
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2009-02-09 20:24

administrator   ~0005692

This appears to have been implemented in 3.0.


2009-04-01 14:00

administrator   ~0005853

carl, can you expand on that comment?


2009-04-29 20:41

administrator   ~0005948

I can only explain that I had a brain fart and was completely wrong! Sorry.


2009-04-29 20:42

administrator   ~0005949

I take it you mean with the x-fade editor dialogue? How do you think this dialogue should behave when editing two different crossfades at the same time?


2009-04-30 09:32

developer   ~0005950

I think this only becomes possible when crossfades can be manipulated directly from the editor. At the moment it is not possible to easily change the position or length of a crossfade directly. If, in the same way as regions, you could 'trim' either end of a cross fade and slide it up and down in position, most of this request would be covered I think. All that would be left then is the fades themselves. The shape of which could be edited in the existing dialogue. You could then click and select multiple crossfades and edit them together.


2009-05-03 06:41

reporter   ~0005961

Last edited: 2009-05-03 06:43

When I originally placed the request, I was working on a project that I recorded a bunch of sections of a several pieces with the intention of splicing (I had some extra time at the end of a different session, but not enough to lay down full tracks without effing up. 4:30am, 6hrs into recording...)

While doing the splicing I would adjust the amount of overlap between regions then draw the crossfade that I though would sound best on the left channel, and audition mono. Then draw the same crossfade on the right channel. Then check it. Repeat as necessary.

For that project there was a specific splice that worked perfectly about 85% of the time up to 95% with minor adjustments, hence my other two related requests: 0002286 and 0002289: Select a default crossfade (instead of "X") and save the current crossfade (to select quickly from the dialog list instead of redrawing every time) respectively.

As I think back on the work I was doing, being able to change the lengths of the regions from within the crossfade edit window would be helpful as well, but I think I faked it by starting the fade in further in (putting a handle on zero gain at the spot I want the fade to start instead of trimming the region start) so it's not essential, but damn convenient.

I'm of course always open to the possibility that my work flow is flawed / I am underinformed with regards to how I should be using the software.


with regards to how I originally pictured editing multiple crossfades at the same time: select multiple crossfades (ctl-click?) (I guess in my mind all the same length but not necessarily) and edit the in/out patterns in the crossfade dialog as normal, all of the selected crossfades are set to the same pattern. I guess it would only make sense to show one pair of waveforms, so I guess from the first crossfade. (If the selected crossfades aren't all the same length then it could just be applied proportionally like the preset fades are applied now.)


2009-05-03 11:05

developer   ~0005963

Well the first thing that won't work there (due to lack of implementation) is selecting multiple crossfades at the same time. If you notice, at the moment when you select a crossfade you are not really selecting a crossfade, but a region that has a crossfade associated with it and therefore the menu option to edit a crossfade is a function of that region. So, what needs to happen is that crossfades become their own entity (represented as a psuedo region ?). Then multiple selections and editing become easier, as do my comments about in editor manipulation of crossfades as well.

Hope that makes sense.

I believe something along this line is planned. Maybe Paul could comment.

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