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0002277ardourbugspublic2008-06-02 15:39
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Summary0002277: Playhead leaves loopmode when moving fade-out start-point while loop-playback.
DescriptionUsing Ardour 2.4.1

While looping a region (a single snare-hit in my case) and then (while playback) moving the start-point of the fade-out-envelope causes the playhead to
stop moving in loop. It just scrolls forward while playback is still looping.
Another way to trigger this behavior is selecting some option (i.e. cut region) from the region menu (maybe others too).
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2008-06-02 15:39

reporter   ~0004999

so my first assumptions on how to cause this were wrong.

releasing the mouse-button from hold-state near the end of the loop is the way to reproduce this.

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