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0002250ardourfeaturespublic2008-12-03 19:16
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Summary0002250: Zooming with scroll ball issues
DescriptionConcerning OS X "Ardour2.4.1-Intel-3343": using the [COMMAND]-scroll up/down feature to zoom in or out a track (horizontally), the focus is not the center of the visible part of the track or even the playhead, but the start of the track.
Additional InformationThis results in a constant zooming / adjusting view operation.
The behaviour of the magnifiers down left is just OK.
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2008-05-19 12:55

administrator   ~0004947

what did you set the zoom focus to? (bottom left, next to the zoom buttons)


2008-05-19 18:15

reporter   ~0004949

Didn't know that was there... But it was on "Playhead" (default? since I never touched it before). But what ever the setting, the behaviour remains as described. It scrolls with 00:00:00:00 as its center.


2008-12-03 05:45

manager   ~0005448

I am unable to reproduce this here, primarily because COMMAND+Scroll Wheel doesn't do anything for me here other than scroll left or right. Is this still an issue? If so please post up to confirm, otherwise I will assume fixed in recent versions of Ardour and mark this issue as resolved in about a week.

For the record the zoom settings paul mentioned work fine ehre with other methods of zoom(Clicking the buttons, +/-,etc.)



2008-12-03 19:02

reporter   ~0005474

About the zoom origin: this is fine now. But the [CMD]-scroll has been disabled in 2.7-4225; I miss that one VERY very much. Paul knows that, as I've been complaining about that in each version, where he has to explain why it is kinda impossible to implement every time.

Paul: I still want that feature! ;-)


2008-12-03 19:16

manager   ~0005480

Ok, I am going to chenge this from a bug report to a feature request then, and set it to acknowledged. One of the down the road things to look at I suppose.


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