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0002211ardourfeaturespublic2008-12-31 11:57
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Summary0002211: Audio Setup / JACK auto-adjust when loading existing sessions
DescriptionUnder 2.4.1, if JACK isn't running or your Audio Setup options don't match those of an existing session you want to load, Ardour prints an error/warning to this effect. Idealy it would give you the option of automatically adjusting and (re)starting JACK with the correct settings for that session instead of returning you to session control or opening it with inappropriate settings.
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2008-12-31 11:57

reporter   ~0005554

I've just been discussing this with oofus on irc and he tells me this feature is still missing.

It would be great if in Ardour 3.0 when you load a project that uses different JACK settings to your current ones it would give you the option of either converting the project to the current settings or restarting JACK to suit.

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