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0002149features2015-03-12 22:14
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Summary0002149: Feature Request: DSSI Support for VST use (no more VST Version of Ardour needed)
DescriptionDSSI Support within Ardour would be great for one great reason (for myself):

jack-dssi-host supports VST plugins; In Rosegarden, VST Plugins can be used via this with only the controls, you don't need to display the gui (which is mostly unstable in VST Plugins.

At the moment, a standalone jack-dssi-host can be started and linked to Ardour in a insert, but the settings of the Plugin aren't saved.

The big advantage would be that people are able to use the normal native Linux Ardour version (and not a version run via wine) but nevertheless use VST Plugins via dssi.
All VST related bug reports could be closed here.
And the worst thing that could happen would be that the VST Plugins would crash, and therefore would not shade a bad light on Ardour.
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2008-03-31 15:39

administrator   ~0004820

the problem is that it doesn't scale sensibly for the most common uses of plugins, which is why builtin-VST support was developed initially. with the DSSI solution, the VST plugin runs in another process, requiring a context switch there and back. this works with just a couple of plugins; it doesn't work if you want to use VST's for EQ/dynamics on many tracks.

even so, DSSI support would be a good idea for other reasons too.


2010-08-17 14:13

reporter   ~0008853

I too would like to see DSSI support mainly because there are more DSSI than LV2 plugins available right now. If people want to use softsynths in A3 sessions under both Linux and OSX then its either LV2 or DSSI- x86 VSTis won't work on x64 or (PPC) OSX and AU plugins won't work under Linux.

Any chance we might see DSSI support in 3.0?


2010-08-17 14:20

administrator   ~0008854

there's no chance of DSSI support in 3.0 unless some 3rd party provides it, but post-3.0, its entirely possible.


2012-04-14 02:18

reporter   ~0013119

But it would be useful to include this in the relase 3.x
would be foolish to avoid an open source format so used


2012-04-14 11:34

administrator   ~0013122

DSSI is dead. if someone writes a patch to support it, it will get included. nobody in the core development group is likely to write this. its not 2010 any more. there are numerous Linux-native VST and LV2 instrument plugins.


2012-04-15 11:18

reporter   ~0013123

But there are still many DSSI instruments, such as synthesizers, etc. etc.


2015-03-12 22:14

reporter   ~0016422

"DSSI is dead" - true! And there is great Linux VST support now and some great plugins.

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