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0002068ardourbugspublic2008-12-03 06:07
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Summary0002068: Audio Setup tab no longer there when session is closed and returns user to the Session Control window.
DescriptionThe only time I can seem to find the Audio setup tab is when im first starting a program. If I want to close the current session then create a new one using different devices for example, only the New Session and Open Session tabs are there. This is on the native PPC version.
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2008-02-08 16:05

administrator   ~0004708

the audio setup is already running at that point, so the setup doesn't show up.

you need to recall that we would "like" to see a situation in general where people are running JACK externally to Ardour, and Ardour just connects to the existing JACK server. so, when Ardour detects JACK already running, the session control dialog doesn't bother to show the audio setup tab because we assume that the user has already started JACK themselves and its running the way they want it.

let me know how this seems to you ...


2008-02-08 18:19

reporter   ~0004710

The concept makes sense, but I've found myself needing to change the audio settings more than once,especially if I'm not sure what settings to use in the first place. The only way to change them right now is to relaunch the application, which to me just seems a bit unnecessary. Also, I think that users like me who just run Ardour and not anything else using JACK may have the same concern. Then again, I could very well be the only person on earth who cares.


2008-12-03 06:07

manager   ~0005458

For the record, I do find that, especially when switching between different sessions, I would love to have the audio setup tab availiable to myself at times without having to close and relaunch Ardour. Now that being said I also use Jack via QJackCTL, but I am not even sure how feasible that would be and if Ardour would have problems with me changing Jack settings like that.


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