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0002043ardourbugspublic2009-10-31 14:27
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Summary0002043: When adding plugin that changes number of outputs, pan should be preserved
DescriptionWhen one has a mono track and adds a plugin that changes the output to 2, the pan state should be "converted", not simply forgotten.
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2009-10-29 01:40

administrator   ~0006956

Seems reasonable. What would you suggest for the "conversion" though?


2009-10-29 11:02

reporter   ~0006961

If Ardour provided a balance control for stereo tracks (as on a typical analog mixer), mapping the pan state to balance would make some sense, IMO. For the special (but common) case of two outputs, anyway. That may be a whole other feature request, though. ;^)


2009-10-31 14:27

administrator   ~0007027

a typical *cheap* analog mixer.

check the high end stuff sometime.

but yes, ardour does need the option of a 'balance' control for other reasons.

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