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0002026ardourbugspublic2009-11-01 01:41
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Product Version2.1 
Summary0002026: Plugin bypass button colour and label misleading
DescriptionHello Ardour team,

Noticed this while writing a four part Ardour tutorial for Linux Format magazine, beginning issue 102. When you add a plugin in the mixer, it's bypassed by default, and the bypass button in the plugin GUI is red - that's fine.

When you activate the Bypass control to disable bypass, it turns grey but still says Bypass - when in fact, the plugin is now active. It would be much less confusing to have the Bypass button turn green, and the label on the button change to Active.


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2009-11-01 01:41

administrator   ~0007053

I'm tinkering with some cleanups to this dialogue.

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