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0001993ardourbugspublic2009-10-31 12:57
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Product Version2.0 
Summary0001993: Peak files are endian dependent
DescriptionCopying sessions for OSX (ppc) to linux (x86) made peak files come up as big blocks. To solve the issue, I erased the peak files, and ardour regenerated them just fine. Thanks for the tip LAS.
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2009-10-29 01:43

administrator   ~0006958

I suppose in an ideal world ardour would spot this and regenerate peak files when appropriate.


2009-10-31 12:49

administrator   ~0007016

ardour can't really know. i guess there is a heuristic which would take the values and see if they appeared to be at least reasonably close to the -1..+1 range, but its nothing more than a guess. i do concede that it would work 99% of the time :)


2009-10-31 12:57

administrator   ~0007020

:) I suppose I was thinking of writing some kind of check word to peak files, or something, so that endian-ness would be known.

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