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0001915ardourbugspublic2007-10-10 17:18
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Product Version2.0 
Summary0001915: Empty-track-background 'disappears'
DescriptionAs mentioned in 1910, the empty-track-background 'disappears' and reappears randomly. This is not just a graphics artefact, as clicking in this nothingness will not deselect a selected region(s).

Note that this isn't usually global. I.e., there will usually (always?) be some empty-track-background somewhere in the session.

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2007-10-10 17:06

reporter   ~0004465

I would suggest a key to deselect all, and/or have the same effect by clicking in 'nothingness'.


2007-10-10 17:18

developer   ~0004466

Last edited: 2007-10-10 18:23

I've noticed this before, and reported it. It appears to be related to zoom level. At different zoom levels, the point along the time-line at which the track background disappears, changes. When this happens it is also impossible to get a right click context menu for the track.

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