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0001883ardourfeaturespublic2009-10-20 22:29
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Summary0001883: Feature to export multiple regions
DescriptionIf I select a region and then try to export it, Export Selection is "greyed" out.
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2007-09-23 21:23

reporter   ~0004390

This is a confusing part of the UI. I think selection in
this case refers to a range selection (made with the range tool)
rather than a region selection.


2007-09-24 20:55

administrator   ~0004391

jdavisp3 is correct.

we have "range": a named, persistent interval on the timeline, up in the ruler area. "selection" - a transient selection made in 1 or more tracks and defining time only. "region selection" - a transient set of selected regions.

"export selection" applies to the second only.


2007-09-25 01:24

reporter   ~0004392

I made this exact same mistake. I wonder if it might be better
not to grey it out, but pop up a dialog explaining the sort of
selection it refers to, if there is no current selection.

I'd be happy to make the patch for that if it is worthwhile.


2007-09-26 00:30

reporter   ~0004404

Any chance it could just be made to work with regions!?


2007-09-26 02:54

administrator   ~0004405

to export a region, just right (context) click on the region, select the region's submenu, choose "Export".

context clicking is a valuable tool for exploration ...


2007-09-26 03:54

reporter   ~0004406

Right-clicking won't work for multiple regions. Well, Select All Beween Cursors does the trick...


2007-09-27 01:39

administrator   ~0004412

Exporting multiple regions will be a feature of the New Export Dialog. this will be a major undertaking - its at least twice as much work as the New Import Dialog, and that took 3-4 weeks of tweaking to get it about 85% done. I think its a useful feature, but I don't want to add it outside of the export dialog work.

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