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0001850ardourfeaturespublic2008-04-25 00:49
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Summary0001850: Soloing a bus should mute everything that doesn't feed that bus, or isn't fed by that bus.
DescriptionSoloing a bus should mute everything that doesn't feed that bus, or isn't fed by that bus. Only in the monitoring path, ofcourse, and only in cases where the routing is understood by ardour. In other cases (external routing FE) the current system of 'muting all other busses' should be used.
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2007-08-30 22:12

reporter   ~0004317

This would be awfully nice.


2008-04-24 21:30

reporter   ~0004903

I would like this behavior too.

I have a drum bus created, with all the drum tracks routed to that bus. I want to hear just the drums by clicking solo on that bus. But I hear the drums and a bass track (which happens to be the most recently added track -- perhaps related). If I solo both the drums bus and a bass guitar track, I hear only the bass. This behavior is not what I'd expect.

I am testing ardour 2.4.1 (ref 3243), and I noticed this same behavior on ardour 2.3.x.


2008-04-25 00:49

administrator   ~0004904

there are very explicit reasons why ardour's current solo behaviour works in the way that it does. these reasons will not be appreciated by anyone who uses certain workflow patterns, but very much appreciated by others who do.

i would consider this as a request for an *alternate* pattern of solo behavior, not a replacement for what ardour currently does.

since there is some confusion, what ardour actually does at present is this:

   * if you solo a track, all busses remain unsoloed; all other non-soloed
      tracks are silent
   * if you solo a bus, all tracks (and busses) feeding that bus remain
      unsoloed; all other busses are silent.

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