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0001833ardourbugspublic2010-04-10 00:37
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Summary0001833: 2.0.5 for mac crashes when embeding large (40 Minute) wav files
DescriptionI'm using 2.0.5 for mac and trying to embed 40 minute wav files recorded at 88.2 I can usually embed the first one, but the second one will always crash the ardour, x11 stays up ardor just goes away.

I've had three things happen when opening the resulting file: most often the file I was trying to embed is in the region list, some times it's not but embeds quickly, once the file was trashed and I had to erase it and start over.
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2007-08-31 00:14

administrator   ~0004318

Can we get a copy of the crash log?

mark anderson

2007-08-31 04:02

reporter   ~0004319

Thanks for the reply. I'd be glad to send the crash log but, please excuse my ignorance, I don't know where to find it? Please direct me to the file and I'll send it right over.


2010-04-10 00:37

administrator   ~0007473

Hi. Is this still a problem?

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